Company Profile

MICA Group was founded in 2005 with a business model that values long term strategic partnerships, the core business focus is on steel related products. In 2013, MICA entered the iron ore market. The initial ports of service were Tianjin Port, Caofeidian Port and Jingtang Port, this enabled MICA to leverage on this geographic advantage and quickly grew to service over 90% of clients in the region of Tianjin. MICA has now grown to further service major players in North China, Central China and South China.

MICA’s main products are iron ore, steel billets and slabs, steel products, coke and coal products, ferrovanadium, ferroniobium, as well as transport and logistics services. In 2014 it founded two companies in Hong Kong, HEILONG INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and MEIKA (HONG KONG) LIMITED.

MICA’s quick growth led to further service requirements, and in 2018 MICA (Shanghai) was incorporated with an office officiated in Shanghai. MICA Shanghai is in the business of importing primary products, exporting steel products and related financial derivative instruments.

MICA’s scope of international business ranges across Southeast Asia,
South America, the Middle East, Europe, America, the ASEAN, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

MICA Group

Since the company was founded in 2005, MICA prides itself with a strong team and a company culture that strives for excellence. MICA’s customer-oriented philosophy is a key driving force behind the company’s growth.

Our Business Philosophy

In the current rapid business environment, MICA abides by core business principles of: honoring promises, working in good faith, provide excellent service and always aiming for a win-win mutually beneficial relationships.
MICA is recognized and respected by industry players and our banking partners as a company with strong fundamentals and esteemed business reputation.

Our Goals

MICA aims to be on the industry frontline, and already works amongst the industries top players. MICA is dedicated to provide customers with value added products and services, and to create maximum value for all our partners to achieve mutual growth and development.

Our Service

Our team work with the aim of providing services that is professional, practical, efficient and innovative.


In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 we were awarded by Mysteel as one of the World Top 20 Iron Ore Suppliers.


Banks in Cooperation with us

MICA has built a strong financial reputation among local and foreign banks, and gains increasing support as MICA continues to show stable and steady business growth.